Spring Taste NYC

May 17, 2016

It was really fun hosting a booth at Spring Taste NYC last Friday at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan.  We set up our sample food made from each of the sauces.  The sauce used to prepare the dish was proudly displayed in front of each tray. Visitors got a chance to taste a sauce directly from the jar, then they tasted the dish made from that sauce. We had green chile stew, stuffed chile rellenos, BBQ meatballs, chicken with artichokes and fennel and braised cauliflower with mixed vegetables.

800 Almost ready best 1

Just as we finished setup, the Pavilion was open to the crowd.  Here’s what the first moments looked like:


600 VIP's First entrance Best

After that, it was intense until we ran out of tastes to dish out. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and thanks for all the kind words.


500 ChileBoss Serving 2

It was truly inspiring to meet all the other vendors. Not only manufacturers like myself, but caterers, hotel restaurant and individual restaurant owners, bakers, chefs, as well as vendors of ice cream,  wines, liquors and even water.  We were all there for the same purpose but with a different approach and that made it really exciting  And everyone served luscious and thoughtfully prepared food, which made it really hard to stand at your booth and not wander off to other booths.

A very special thanks to the staff of EMRG Media for all their help once we got there and all their assistance in the days before the event.  And a very special thank you to Ines and Isaura for hours and hours of setup,  standing and serving, and cleanup.



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