CookingI learned a lesson growing up in an immigrant household where, come fall, we made mustard, ketchup, dill pickles, beans, tomatoes, corn, zucchini, jellies and jams. My treat after school was to go down in the cellar take the rock off the oak cover on the oak barrel filled with brined pickles just "cooking" away for weeks and take one out, cut it up and make a pickle sandwich from fresh made Jewish rye bread that I just picked up from the bakery. And that was in the middle of Cleveland, Ohio, not Farm USA.

Homemade food is a taste you never forget. No added preservatives, chemicals flavors or gluten thickeners, just great flavor.

I remember being in France after I graduated from college and having a real omelet with real French bread and homemade butter. I ate a half a dozen that day and discovered that an omelet was not scrambled eggs with cheese. And so it was when I discovered that Mexican food was not pizza sauce with jalapenos on boiled chicken and a taco shell from the supermarket. I discovered tremendous flavor. I found that chiles, like wine, have spices and chocolate flavors in them. That they go with squash, potatoes, salads, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts as well and meats and fish. But to get those sauces you had to either go to New Mexico or make them yourself.

And so I made them myself for many years, until about 4 years ago, when I decided to see if I could make these sauces commercially. Homemade! That was the goal. I wanted families that wanted Mexican food to make it themselves, but how in the world could a family with two adults working all day come home and have the time it takes to make real Mexican food?

And so working at it for over four years, I completed my task. Five sauces free of that commercial taste we all know and dislike and with all the ingredients in a jar that that it takes to make a great Mexican sauce from scratch. Five sauces reminiscent of the great sauces from Mexico and New Mexico. Five sauces that put you in charge of the cooking process and the amount of chile heat you want. Five sauces that are rich and thick because of all of the ingredients, not because of thickeners and artificial NATURAL flavors. Five sauces that use chiles that are deseeded and in the traditional cooking method soaked, blended smooth, and then added to the vegetables and slowly cooked to perfection.

Now by using Chileboss™ simmering sauces, you can discover that same tremendous flavor in your dishes that I first tasted years ago out West. Enjoy!

--Stan Snyder