Green chile Poblano Verde sauce is a surprise waiting to jump out at you -- soft in heat but high in mixed flavors. Slow cook it with shrimp or scallops, and in minutes you have an amazing dinner. Add a cup to beef or pork and some vegetables and make green chile stew. Bake it with cauliflower or fish filets – or both together. Use some of the ideas we gave you for making red sauces and make a green sauces instead.

Try This!!! Take a corn tortilla and soften it. This can be done in a microwave for a few seconds. Chop a sweet onion and green pepper really fine and place it on top of the tortilla. Then make Poblano Verde Green Sauce. Sauté a half a green pepper and a half of a red pepper, one deseeded and chopped jalapeno and half a small onion chopped really fine and get them really soft. Add a cup of Poblano Verde, warm it up and blend it as smooth as you want. Then add another warm and softened tortilla on top of the first one, more sweet onion and maybe some bacon or sausage. Top the whole stack with a fried egg, your freshly made green chile sauce and some cheese. Presto: ChileBoss™ Green Chile Huevos Rancheros!